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Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's a conspiracy!

Well clearly there is a conspiracy in Omaha to keep me from watching Syracuse Basketball games. They are all on Pay per view this year! I got up early. Did some homework, worked on a special order, made a sandwich, sat down to watch the game and low and behold it isn't there. It's only on pay per view. Earlier this week when I checked the Syracuse web page it said ESPNU would show it. I guess I will call Cox on Monday and see how much that sports package will set me back. They opted to show a Butler game yesterday over other nationally ranked teams and now this.

So...I'm off to my stamp room to get some cleaning done and finish the project from this morning. I just got my scallop edge punch so I think I will play with that too. Hopefully I will get some pictures posted this week.

Have a good one!

Pamela (a.k.a. SU basketball fan in Omaha) didn't snow today YIPEE!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year- Slimming down

Well I have to admit the Holidays took more of my time and school has me hopping. I thought I would have more time for this blog but it seems I don't have as much as I would like.

However, as with every New Year there are some resolutions to be made. I've made the same one every year- Slim down! But this year I'm adding a twist. No I didn't try a new diet or exercise-- I am converting to StampinUP new stamps. They are smaller and you mount them on acrylic. There is a tutorial on the StampinUP! website, and you can link from here. The stamps are not clear, they have the red rubber. I just got my first set the other day. I will play with them this weekend.

Tonight I am busy because there is a Syracuse Basketball game on TV and I want to watch the game and I have homework (ugh).

I am also experimenting with two other "New" tools. I got a Cricut Gypsy for Christmas (a gift for myself) and I am attemping my first digital creations with the StampinUP! program "My Digital Studio" I can't believe how easy it is! I have to figure out how to post my pages.

I donated a lot of unsold cards to the Nebraska Veteran's home. If you would like to donate handmade cards for them to send to their loved ones(many of them don't get out to shop) just let me know and I will coordinate with you to get them to the home.

I wish all of you the best for 2010 and I hope to see you soon.

Best Wishes and Happy Stamping!