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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Back to work

Hi Everyone, sorry for the long computer went belly up. But I have a new one and now that I have sort of figured out how to work it, I can post again. The good news is that I have a few things to post. First, down to business. I am teaching a couple of classes. There is a mailbox and card class at Busy Scrappin' on Dec 5th, that is a Thursday. Immediately following that class I am doing a vintage Christmas card class also at Busy Scrappin'. You can call them to sign up NLT 3 Dec. The two classes got pushed together because of the inclement weather last week and this week being Thanksgiving. I hope to see you three. The pictures of both are here. Tomorrow, I'll share pictures of a class Saturday morning at 10:30 at Scrappin' Studio in Gretna. These cards use a flip it cute. And finally, stay tuned this week. If you haven't seen me in a bit. I've been in sort of a creative "funk". So I had to step back for a minute. I actually turned the lights off in the craft room and didn't go in there. Then when I came back I just played and made things for me. I think I have the juices flowing again. I've been creating some mini art pieces I can't wait to share. And finally, do you know someone that would enjoy following this blog? Please pass the link along. Happy stamping!!! Pamela

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